Band Origin

Stramash formed in late 2010 by members Andrew Lowrie (Drums and backing vocals) and Andrew Jackson (lead vocals and rhythm guitar). Borne of the pair’s close friendship and mutual love of Traditional Scottish and modern rock music they decided to merge the two and create a sound that they could both personally identify with. After much talking and some “exploratory” rehearsals, the natural feeling and energy of the music flowed like sacred whisky!!! And their love child Stramash was born.


Within a few short months the band was up to full strength with a line-up of 6 members.

First to join Andy and AJ was bassist Will Maxwell who immediately improved the range and musicality of the band’s sound with his knowledge of both Folk and Rock styles, William also being a great singer added that 3rd harmony element to Stramash which has become such a large part of their sound.

He was quickly followed by lead guitarist Michael Gilfeather who brought with him an energy we have likened to Thunder! Michael being the only Glaswegian in the Band brings that certain “panache” that only a Glaswegian can bring!!

The next piece of the puzzle was a piper.

Alan Buchan joined the band in the summer of 2011, Leaving the band in December 2012, Alan was replaced by Iain Alexander Marr, a Bagpipe and Whistle playing genius. Iain is famous in the International Celtic Folk world, wether it be playing his pipes with Carlos Nunez in Italy, or his whistle blowing with The Sidh. Iain was the final “earth element” to Stramash.

In early 2011 the band locked themselves away in the rehearsal studio and after a fair shedding of blood, sweat and tears, Stramash emerged triumphant with the sound that they had created ready for the road ahead…TARTAN FOLK ‘N’ ROCK!

After a great 2012, highlights including a 2 month European tour, performing in the Royal Concert hall Glasgow and receiving the SNMA award for Roots recording of the year, Stramash again locked themselves in the studio recording album 2, a much faster paced, energetic album. “The Lion Rises”.






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