Stramash update

Hey ye all..
A wee Stramash update..
We are only a couple of months away from finishing the new album “Wheel of Time”.
A smidgen of mixing and we will be ready to go….
Looking at a May release for our 2 Eps, then the album in the latter stages of the month, just in time for our performance in Germany headlining The Schloss Hohenlimburg Keltic Festival.
As in 2014 we will continue to perform only a handful of concerts this year, Our new promotion company have us working in a different way and direction, this in itself will keep us extremely busy. Keep your ears and eyes open for us on tv and radio..
We will be back touring the new album in 2016!! Already we are building the tour with our new bookers and promotion company, looking at our biggest and longest tour to date.
We will keep you updated through the usual means of Facebook, Twitter and our website www.stramashscotland.co.uk
We will post some demo mixes soon……just in case you’ve missed us……
Big Love




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